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Josh & Shannon

I’m very excited for this wedding. I love my friend and love seeing couples pursue God righteously in their relationship. My friend decided to humor his asian pal and let me snap some shots of these crazy kids. Here is Eddie’s first attempts as engagement photos. Enjoy!

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First Sunday


What an amazing day! I loved being a part of something so fun and full of joy. Here are a few shots of the day. Also thanks to Daniel for letting me borrow some glass and have fun.

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Halloween 2010

The Culin Fam got to head over to the Fortines this year for some great food, hanging out, children hopped up on sugar, and adults carving the pumpkins they got for their “kids”. Here are a few highlights.

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So I know this is a little backwards, but in the flurry of becoming parents, blogging takes a short hiatus. Here are some shots capturing that crazy day.

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Hey Jude!

My nephew is stinkin cute. Here are the pictures to prove it…

I really like this one. He’s ready for breakdancing 101.

There you have it. And yes I”m totally for hire:-)

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4 weeks, less sleep, and lightroom 3

It’s been a month already! We knew time would fly by and are excited and dreading the growth of our baby boy. Here are a few more shots of our little man. He is eating well and sleeping well….mostly. Thanks all for your prayers, gifts, and support. We really appreciate you all.

I did some touch up thanks to lightroom 3, and a special shout out to Daniel Balboa for schooling me on it

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